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The 928 Project

(Lots of pix, please be patient)

The Stock Porsche® 928.
Dealer's advice was taken.

Original motor

Pulling out the original motor.
(damn mop handle grew legs and jumped into the shot, honest!)

New bell housing.

New motor mounts for the Chevy® motor

The new Chevy® motor almost ready to go in.
Many beer cans gave their lives for these heads.

Dropping-in the new motor.

The new more efficient radiator.

Completed motor.

Nice 'n' wide 265x35x18 rear tires.
Objects are wider than they appear.

Chevy® motors are much ligher.
Need to adjust the suspension to accomodate.

Front end lowered, removed 90 degrees worth of spring coil.

Motor mount, exhaust & custom oil pan.

Exhaust flange.

Custom oil pan.


Magnaflow hangin' low.

Exhaust hooks (Duct-tape wasn't working out too well).

Exhaust tips.

The 20 year old Trans decided to stop shifting beyond 2nd gear.
That was grounds for removal.

Replaced both the Trans and Differential.
Small muffler towards the bottom.